Writeaway Client User Guide

All documents you send us and communications with us are strictly confidential.

How To Do Business With Writeaway

Step 1. You start by saying to yourself, “What, having to do with the written word, can I do to increase sales?  What can I do to improve the efficiency of my operations or raise capital?” Or, if you’re a political campaign or other non-profit, “What can I do to more effectively define and get my message across?

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Expert Writing Services

We provide exceptional, but nonetheless affordable writing services for our business, political and other non-profit clients.  …If all your need are editing services, please visit our sister website, Editaway.us.

Writeaway Male Website Spokesperson

Do you need help writing a new document, re-writing material that isn’t working for you or editing something that you, your staff or a contractor has written?  Well, those are all things that we do for our clients.

Tell us what you need or just ask us to call you back.  We’ll talk, give you our comments and suggestions and, if we can help, work out the details together.

As always, everything we talk about is confidential.  And you’ll never find writers or editors that are easier to work with.  …Yes, that’s a dangling preposition, but sometimes it’s best to write the way people actually talk.

Thanks for stopping by.  Now look around, read about the writing services we offer and make yourself at home.

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We can help you obtain funding for your business.

It’s true. We can help you obtain funding you need to open a new business or expand an existing one.  How do we do that? Well, we do it by helping you write the proposals and presentations that will impress lenders, investors and government agencies.  In other words, we’ll help you write the materials that will convince them to put up the money you need.

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Running for office?

Good. We can help you craft the programs, write the messaging and raise the money you need to win. If not this time – because not everybody wins the first or even the second time they run – then next time.

Let’s talk about it. The sooner, the better. Call us at 443-844-3160* or send us an email to [email protected] to get our conversation started. Everything we discuss is held in the strictest confidence. And talking to us? It’s not just cheap, it’s free. At the very least, you’ll come away with our comments and suggestions that will help you make your campaign more effective.

Feel free to take a look around our website – and, later, at LocalInitiatives.org.

Thanks.  We’re looking forward to hearing from you.  If all you need now are expert-level editing services, we’d like to encourage you to visit our sister website, Editaway.us.


*We get lots of calls.  If you get voicemail, please leave a message.  We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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“Second Set of Eyes” for Political Campaigns

Let's talk about how our writing and editing services can help you get elected.
Welcome to our Second Set of Eyes program.
Editing and writing services for candidates.
Click on the link above to see and print a PDF describing the program. 

As someone who has run or who may be running again for office – and especially if you’re a first-time candidate – you live in a world where every word counts. You need just the right bullet points, stated in a clear and compelling way, to get the attention of voters, contributors and the media.

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“Second Set of Eyes” for Businesses

Our male spokesperson's eyes.

Welcome to our “Second Set of Eyes” program.
Editing and writing services for businesses.
Click on the link above to see and print a PDF describing the program.

Whatever the nature and size of your business, you’re competing in a world where every word counts. In every document you produce you need just the right language, stated in a clear and compelling way to communicate effectively with management and staff, your customers, contractors, lenders and investors.

A well-written piece can make the difference between getting your point across or not, between success and failure. This is where we come in. Send us material that you’ve been using or a draft document. We’ll take a look and give you detailed, helpful comments that will make it even better.

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Our Skills Table

Hey. This is what we do…Our Writeaway Skills Table

Let’s talk about what you need. Email, call or text us. (Click on the talk link for our contact information.) Our services are priced depending upon the nature of the engagement – and what you organization can afford.

*Including, when necessary, doing the research on which these documents – such as speeches, op/eds and position papers, are based.

**What are we talking about? Well, marketing is about selling products and services. An economic initiative has to do with economic development, on any scale, whatever the locale, and with government policies that affect employment and income. Political initiatives have to do with elections and with influencing the behavior of elected government officials. And social initiatives have to do with influencing how the public thinks about the social issues of our time. And yes, these categories often overlap.

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So, how much is it worth to you…

…to significantly improve the quality and effectiveness of your written materials?

Every word counts.

Are you struggling to accomplish your objectives? Maybe we can help.

Our female website spokesperson.We offer our business, political and non-profit clients exceptional and surprisingly affordable writing and editing services for which we charge by the project or on subscription basis. And if you’re hiring us to obtain financing for your business or campaign, we’ll consider working with you for a percent of the funds we help you borrow or raise.

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Non-Profit Initiatives

There is something we do that differentiates us from the competition in a big way.

Sure, it’s true that we are really good at writing and editing for our business, political and other non-profit clients and that advantage would be reason enough to hire us. But then the really interesting thing about Writeaway is that we sometimes use our writing, editing and creative marketing skills to effect change.

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Business Writing

You won’t find “business writing” or “commercial writing” – except books about it – on the shelves at Barnes and Noble.

None of it will ever receive the Nobel Prize in Literature.  Nor will Dreamworks or Disney turn a business proposal or manual into a major theatrical release. But business writing is nonetheless important to our economy – and your wallet.

Companies, large and small, write all sorts of stuff, including everything from routine emails to operating manuals to documents defining company procedures and policy. Whatever the scope of your enterprise, great ideas are still born of words written on fast food napkins and laptop screens. In no small way, words are the molecules of profit, the chemistry of success or failure.

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