Hello people running or thinking about running for office.

Elections don’t just happen on a given day. They’re an every day, ongoing process.

The most successful candidates are always running for office… always keeping their constituents up to date and well-informed.

Good news. Political writing – and editing what you’ve already written – is one of our specialties.

In no particular order, we do… Campaign strategizing. Palm cards. Mailings. Campaign website content. Print ads. We write radio and television commercials. Well-researched and publishable position papers. Debate prep. Compelling speeches that will have voters on their feet and clapping wildly. Op/eds. Constituent updates for our clients who already hold elected offices.

Everything we do for candidates is affordable and well worth it. The campaign strategizing is free.

Want to get elected? Call us. The sooner, the better for your campaign.

Welcome to
Call anytime, evenings and weekends included. If you get voice mail, just leave a message and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible, usually within 24 hours.  Or feel free to send us an email to Contact@Writeaway.us.

P.S. A couple of other things you should know…

We charge all our clients according to what their campaigns can afford – and will, sometimes, help them raise the campaign contributions they need to pay for our services.

All our communications with clients are strictly confidential. We never talk about the work we do for any of our clients, not even their names. You can refer Writeaway to others of course, but we’re never going to use your name for promotional or other purposes.

Democrats or Republicans, we don’t care as long as you’re good people.

And we never, ever work for more than one candidate in a given race.

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