Just kidding. For the record, rest assured, all of us at Writeaway are alive and well. No ghosts here.  Not yet anyway.

But do we do ghostwriting? Do we write speeches and other materials that our business, campaign and non-profit clients disseminate under their names and not ours? Are you kidding? Of course we do. In fact, that’s exactly what we do. All the time.

We write and/or edit materials for our clients as if we worked for them as their employees. It’s that simple. So, yes, we do ghostwriting – with one exception.  We don’t do whole, full-length books.  They’re too time-consuming, so much so that it would affect our availability for other client engagements.

There are, however, exceptions. No school papers, college theses or dissertations. No application essays.  And no fiction such as a book or screenplay.

Other than that, we’re ready and all-in when it comes to helping you write whatever you need. Weekdays, evenings, holidays – and, for ghostwriting, especially on Halloween!

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Ghost Holding Pencil


Our thanks to the artist whose name we can’t make out to give her or him credit.

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