Taking the initiative.

At Writeaway, we don’t just put words on paper. We help our clients figure out how best to use language, in all its forms, to accomplish very specific objectives.

Maybe, for example, you’re a homeowners association opposed to a change in zoning or nearby development that will adversely affect your property values.

Maybe you’re a business interested opening a new facility and want to make sure you have community input and support.


Maybe there is state or local legislation that you support or oppose. Or new legislation that you want your elected representatives to introduce – important law that will make your community a better place to live and work, that will encourage beneficial economic development and growth or improve the quality of public education, for example.

Can we help you accomplish your citizen activist or commercial objectives? Absolutely. Are we affordable? What we charge depends, of course, on all matter of considerations, but we’ll work with you to make our services available for almost any reasonable budget. …We may even be able to help you raise the money to pay us. How ’bout them apples?

So, if you’re a non-profit or business and you have an objective, but your not sure what to do about it, talk to us. We’ll listen, maybe do some research, think about it and get back to you with a plan for how we can help. And none of that will cost you a dime.

443-844-3160 …Call us anytime. Leave a message if you get voicemail.

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