Hello people running or thinking about running for office.

Elections don’t just happen on a given day. They’re an every day, One of our female website spokespeople.ongoing process.

The most successful candidates are always running for office… always keeping their constituents up to date and well-informed.

Good news. Political writing – including re-writing what you’ve already written – is one of our specialties.

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Subscription Services


We’d like to hire Writeaway to be available whenever we need a document written. Or edited. But we don’t want to pay on an hourly basis or per document. Can we just reserve some Writeaway time every month? Whether we use it or not? To use whenever we need it? Even a little bit here, a little bit there? And at a discount below the hourly rates you normally charge? Like we were hiring Writeaway to be a part-time employee, but without all those extra employee-related costs?


Sure.  It’s our subscription services program.  It’s innovative, convenient and will save you serious money. Ask us about it.

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Website Content?

Notice the question mark in the title to this post?

It’s there to make a point. “Content” is a word that is overused and under-defined in our business. So let’s fix that.

Technically, it’s the stuff – the written words and images – the contents of a piece published on a website or blog. We’re creating content as we type this.

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It all comes down to messaging.

Let’s say you’re a candidate or maybe a community activist group or other non-profit campaigning for or against some legislation or cause. You do everything you’re supposed to do. Textbook campaigning, but you lose.

If you’re lucky, you lost big.

One of our writers has a t-shirt in his closet for a candidate for whom he worked, but who lost after two recounts by six votes. That was 20 years ago and he’s still thinks about what he could have done to move just four votes their way. That’s all he had to do.  One vote, the margin between victory and defeat.  Just four votes total. He’d wear that t-shirt now and then, but it no longer fits. Better to lose big and walk away.

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Just kidding. For the record, rest assured, all of us at Writeaway are alive and well. No ghosts here.  Not yet anyway.

But do we do ghostwriting? Do we write speeches and other materials that our business, campaign and non-profit clients disseminate under their names and not ours? Are you kidding? Of course we do. In fact, that’s exactly what we do. All the time.

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