Writeaway Client User Guide

All documents you send us and communications with us are strictly confidential.

How To Do Business With Writeaway

Step 1. You start by saying to yourself, “What, having to do with the written word, can I do to increase sales?  What can I do to improve the efficiency of my operations or raise capital?” Or, if you’re a political campaign or other non-profit, “What can I do to more effectively define and get my message across?

Step 2. Click on “Contact Us” to call or send us an email and start the process of telling us what’s on your mind. We’re easy to talk to.  We’ll listen to what you have to say and help you figure out what to do about it.

Step 3. When the time is right – which could be anything from pretty much immediately in urgent situations to “as long as you need” – we’ll email you a proposal including the cost of services we would like to provide and timing.

These are not standard form proposals that we send you. We don’t do “standard form” anything. Every engagement is different.

Step 4. You’ll accept our proposal (or not) and we get to work.

Step 5. If you approve our proposal, we’ll do the work.

Step 6. You use the link we send you to pay us via credit card or, if your company prefers, send us a check.

Step 7. You then have two weeks, 14 calendar days to talk to us – via telephone, Zoom or email – about what we’ve written for you.

Step 8. You’re so pleased with the work we’ve done, you send us additional business. Again and again.

That was easy.

We’re looking forward to hearing from you.  In the meantime, don’t hesitate to Contact Us anytime to discuss whatever you’d like to talk to us about.

If you prefer to start with our editing services, please feel free to visit our sister website, Editaway.us.

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