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You won’t find “business writing” or “commercial writing” – except books about it – on the shelves at Barnes and Noble.

None of it will ever receive the Nobel Prize in Literature.  Nor will Dreamworks or Disney turn a business proposal or manual into a major theatrical release. But business writing is nonetheless important to our economy – and your wallet.

Companies, large and small, write all sorts of stuff, including everything from routine emails to operating manuals to documents defining company procedures and policy. Whatever the scope of your enterprise, great ideas are still born of words written on fast food napkins and laptop screens. In no small way, words are the molecules of profit, the chemistry of success or failure.

Companies write to their suppliers and contractors. To lenders and investors. To their customers on company websites and through advertisements, from product labels to print ads, mailings and television commercials.

The great comedians will tell you that a single word can make the difference between a joke that works or falls flat.

Do you really think that the wording of business documents is any less a determinant of whether or not you accomplish your objectives?

Well written materials can save you money and generate profits. On the other hand, poor and less effective business writing can cause costly operational inefficiencies and waste opportunities to make sales, to secure new business, to raise capital.

Needless to say, the quality of written communications will have very significant implications for a company’s success. That’s where we come in. For individual documents or on a retainer basis, you can hire us to write or re-write what you’ve already written.  The result will be greatly improved communications with your customers, suppliers, sources of capital and staff.

It’s not about substituting our voice for yours.

No. What we do is help you express yourself, make your point more clearly, in a way that improves the power of what you have to say.

We respond quickly and require minimal notice – which is, of course, the reason we call our company Writeaway.

“How do I know you’re worth hiring?” Good question. Our answer is that to prove the value of our services – and subject to only a few very reasonable restrictions – we’ll do our first job for you “on spec.” That is, for free.

Whatever you’ve written or need written for your business, if it’s important, it’s worth letting an independent set of professional writer/editor eyes take a critical look at it.

Everything we write or review for our clients is confidential.

We never work for companies that are competing with any of our other clients. That would be an unacceptable conflict of interest.

And we price our services to make them affordable to small as well as larger firms. Effective, compelling, professional writing isn’t just something big companies need or have the resources to accomplish. In fact, great business writing is one of the ways small businesses become big, wildly successful ones.

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We’re looking forward to hearing from you.  Don’t hesitate to visit our sister website,, if editing services are all you need right now.

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