“Second Set of Eyes” for Businesses

Our male spokesperson's eyes.

Welcome to our “Second Set of Eyes” program.
Editing and writing services for businesses.
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Whatever the nature and size of your business, you’re competing in a world where every word counts. In every document you produce you need just the right language, stated in a clear and compelling way to communicate effectively with management and staff, your customers, contractors, lenders and investors.

A well-written piece can make the difference between getting your point across or not, between success and failure. This is where we come in. Send us material that you’ve been using or a draft document. We’ll take a look and give you detailed, helpful comments that will make it even better.

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Business Writing

You won’t find “business writing” or “commercial writing” – except books about it – on the shelves at Barnes and Noble.

None of it will ever receive the Nobel Prize in Literature.  Nor will Dreamworks or Disney turn a business proposal or manual into a major theatrical release. But business writing is nonetheless important to our economy – and your wallet.

Companies, large and small, write all sorts of stuff, including everything from routine emails to operating manuals to documents defining company procedures and policy. Whatever the scope of your enterprise, great ideas are still born of words written on fast food napkins and laptop screens. In no small way, words are the molecules of profit, the chemistry of success or failure.

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