On March 14, 1995, my favorite son* sent my wife and me something, I think it was a college paper, that came with the following disclaimer:

“Theis docuement haz nyet bin speel chicked.”

It almost sounds like he wrote that with a Russian accent, doesn’t it?

Whatever paper he sent us is long-gone, but I kept the cover, because I smile every time I read it.  It reminds me of how even well-intentioned, reasonably smart people can screw up.

Needless to say, we here at Writeaway do our best to proof, proof and re-proof the materials we write and edit. But we’re only human, a shortcoming we’ve long-since stopped fretting about. If you find one, a typo or grammatical error, whatever, thank you for pointing it out and for your patience while we fix it.


*Don’t get excited. I have only the one son, plus my favorite daughter.

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