Problem Solving

Our primary business is helping our clients solve problems. It’s something we do with research, creative thinking and marketing, by using language to convince key people and the public at large that what our clients are asking makes sense and deserves their approval and support.

For example, here are just a few of the types of problems we help our clients solve.

Political campaigning You want to get elected, but nobody knows your name and the incumbent has an obscene amount of contributions you can’t possibly match. We know what to do, how to work with your campaign and within your budget to help you get elected – if not this time, next time.


Corporate capital… Your company – whatever its size – needs funding, but the pitches you’re making to banks and/or investors aren’t working. We can help you raise the money you need.

Local Government issues… The County Council is considering changes in zoning or other revisions to the county’s master plan that you need to prevent, but your organization has limited resources and experience. Okay. We can help you organize, raise public awareness and pressure your elected officials into respecting your point of view.

Development… You’re a builder with a good, maybe even a great idea, but the community and/or City Council need convincing to support it. We can help you move public and Council opinion in your favor.

Legislation… Whatever your cause, you need the legislature to introduce and pass the laws to accomplish your objectives. We’re not lobbyists, but we can help you make it happen.

Local business… There’s a mall, a new strip center with a big box store coming. What can you do to protect the established business you’ve spent years building? Let’s talk about it.

There’s so much more, of course, but you get the point. At Writeaway, we use marketing… all kinds of marketing to help you, your campaign, company or non-profit solve problems, overcome obstacles and accomplish your objectives.

Needless the say, the sooner we get started, the more we can do to help you succeed. That said, we’re not afraid to come in late and work hard with you and your team to improve your chances of success.

Oh, one other thing. We charge different clients differently, depending upon their resources and the specific nature of their objectives. We’re not a company that only does business with clients that have deep pockets. What would be the fun in that?

Give us a call. There’s no downside or cost to talking to us – and everything we talk about, even the fact of the call itself, will be kept in strict confidence.

We’re looking forward to hearing from you.


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