Business Plans and Proposals

It’s one thing to hire a writer who understands language. It’s another thing altogether to hire one who understands business. That’s us.

We may not have specific experience with your particular company, plan or project. What we do have is a fundamental understanding of business with the requisite writing, research and analytical skills. It’s just the combination of capabilities you need to translate your knowledge and expertise into professional, credible and compelling material your clients/customers, staff, partners, prospective lenders and investors will appreciate.

And we’re smart. I know, that’s a heck of a thing to say, but it’s true. We’re not just going to write something for you or edit something you’ve already written. We’re going to speak up and ask questions if something isn’t clear, doesn’t make sense or is somehow inadequate. And then, if you want, we’re going to help you fix it.

The point is, it’s not enough just to put words on paper. You’ve got a point to make, a marketing or business development plan to describe, a strategy to implement, money to raise or borrow. We get it. We can’t guaranty that you’ll succeed, but what we can do is significantly improve the chances that you will.

Let’s talk about it. Talking is free. There’s nothing but upside from telling us what you need and talking about how we can work together to make it happen.



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